Drop Shipping-A Great Way to Be Your Own Boss

For many years, I have been blessed with owning a successful gift company.  It took a lot of hard work, a HUGE time commitment and quite a bit of start up money, but to me it was worth it, as I was a mom, who, although I wanted to work, also wished to be able to adjust my schedule as needed to accommodate my growing family.  I found my dream in the gifting industry. Years later, after speaking to countless other parents, I realized that my dream was not attainable for every other parents out there. For a variety of reasons, many of my friends and acquaintances were stuck in 9-5 jobs which did not allow them the flexibility they desired or needed. I wanted to create a way that other people could enjoy the success I did, without having to worry about start up costs and that would leave them free to have more time for their families. That is how giftbasketscanadadropshipping.com was born. I created a drop ship business that would allow others to create their own businesses and websites, sell our gift baskets on those sites, turn around and order at a discount from us (no inventory=less expense), and we would ship those gifts out under their company name (blind drop ship) to ensure that their customers, remained their customers. The original business model was a great success, but little did I realize, that over time, I would attract not just stay at home moms, but those that were looking to add extra income to their existing job, stay at home dads and business owners who’s sole businesses consist solely of drop shipping programs.

Some of our qualities:
-we are one of the few drop ship gift companies that offer such a huge variety of gifts (eg. gift baskets, cookies, fudge,popcorn) in Canada and offer some of the best discounts around.
-we are also one of the oldest in existence.
-our holiday baskets change annually, so you will always have something new and fresh to offer.
-we are one of the only Canadian drop ship companies that deliver both to Canada and the USA.
-we are the only drop ship company that offers gift baskets, cookie bouquets, candy bouquets, fresh baked cookies, fudge and popcorn to our dropshippers

 We invite you to visit our website and read about our program.  Perhaps we are exactly what you’ve been looking for!
If you have any questions please do not hesitate to email me at customerservice@giftbasketscanadadropshipping.com