How does It Work?

In a nutshell, here's how the drop ship program works:

1. Once you have filled out an application and have been accepted into the program (generally we can have you approved within 24-48 hours), we will activate your user name and password to access the gift and basket photos, our wholesale and suggested retail pricing data, shipping fees and gift descriptions. We provide both a downloadable .xlsx file, and a listing of our products for adding products. Please note: at this time, we do not have an automated system for adding our products to your site. We do not provide tech support for set up.

2. You will be responsible for processing incoming orders from your customer. You will process the credit card and handle all customer service issues regarding the customer, thus keeping that customer as YOUR customer. Furthermore, we will include your company information with the gift basket and on the shipping box. Should you wish to include other company literature (ie. your own business card, brochure) with the basket, simply forward it to us beforehand. We understand that customer retention is important and we will never have contact with your customer. We are solely your drop shipper, and any customer relations are handled by you.

3. Once you have processed the order for your customer, you will forward the order to us by inputting it into our online order system or multi order form (optional, for multiple orders of 15 or more only). If using the multi order form, it must be filled out as presented. If using our online system please remember to read carefully and complete fully.

4. We will assemble, carefully wrap and ship your gift from our location. Click here to view processing times. We ship Monday-Friday (excluding holidays)

5. Once your gift is shipped we will email you a confirmation and a tracking number for your shipment.

That's it. No tricks. We have tried to make our program, quick, easy and painless to get you started. Remember, we are successful, when you are successful!